Distressed swimmer rescued at Cahore

By Dan Walsh

Cahore Inshore Rescue Service were tasked by pager by The Coastguard at 11.26am, yesterday (Friday) to reports of a swimmer in difficulty south of Cahore Pier, just off Cahore Point where sea conditions were reported as ‘very choppy’.

Helmsman Donal McGrath launched at 11.34am with crew members Sean Doyle and Ron Wynne. They located the swimmer at 11.37am and took him aboard the lifeboat to safety. There was a strong tide which appeared to be hindering the swimmer.


Some concerned members of the public were monitoring the situation from above on the cliff and one person was signalling with a flag to assist the lifeboat in the casualty location.

A Mayday was issued and an ambulance and the rescue helicopter were tasked to assist on scene, however they were stood down once Cahore Inshore Rescue Service had the casualty on board.

We would like to thank the public for their vigilance, which led to a positive outcome on this occasion.

Remember to call 112 or 999 and ask for The Coastguard if you see someone in difficulty on the water.

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