Gorey people fell ill after water issues

By Dan Walsh

Cllr Andrew Bolger is demanding that a representative of Irish Water attend the September meeting of Gorey-Kilmuckridge District Council meeting to explain issues around the water quality in the town after it is alleged that several people have become very ill, and in some cases, were referred to hospital.

Cllr Bolger told WexfordLocal.com that he received complaints from people in Gorey Town questioning the quality of the water. “I followed up on these complaints and I was told that it was manganese in the water, the advice here is to let the tap run it through. I then started to receive reports that people in the town were becoming ill. A number were in hospital.”


Cllr Bolger followed up on these worries on several occasions. “I knew that there had to be something out there causing people to become very ill. I thought maybe there is a stomach bug out there, but I wondered how it spread like wildfire if people are more conscious of handwashing and mask wearing?

Cllr Bolger was informed that bacteriological tests had come back clear and chlorine results in the network were good. “I was told in no in certain terms that the water could not have caused this issue. Yesterday (Thursday) Irish Water stated that there were in fact treatment issues in the Creagh Plant. There were spells of low chlorine after a power outage a week and a half ago.

Cllr Bolger says there will be an EPA investigation and he is calling for action at the District meeting where he will be requesting that there be ‘more frequent checks on the alarm system’, and the safety of the people need solutions to ensure this never happens again.

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