Gorey Water Supply Serious Incident

By Dan Walsh

Wexford County Council has released a statement regards the Gorey water supply which is under ministerial investigation. The statement reads;

“A serious water quality incident occurred at one of the three Water treatment Plants serving Gorey Town. A chlorine dosing pump failure arising from an electricity power outage at Creagh Water Treatment Plant led to a deterioration of water quality due to inadequate disinfection. This problem occurred over the period 19th to 23rd August.

WEXFORD COUNTY COUNCIL headquarters at Carricklawn, Wexford.

“The water quality incident only came to light on 26th August and was immediately discussed with Irish Water and the HSE.

“The water quality information was examined by Council technical staff, Irish Water and the HSE and it was agreed that the incident had passed and the Water Treatment Plant was operating normally, with all network tests clear. Since the incident, the water quality in Gorey has been tested widely and extensively and again all network tests have been clear.

“Wexford County Council, Irish Water and the HSE are continuing to investigate the incident and are co-operating fully with the EPA.

“Every action is being and will be taken to ensure such a serious incident does not recur.”

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