Gorey water scandal investigation

By Dan Walsh

A serious incident that occurred at the Creagh Water Plant in Gorey where 52 people are known to have fallen ill and the matter was discussed at ministerial level last Saturday in Dublin is continuing and WexfordLocal.com has learned that local representatives are to meet with Irish Water management to discuss the matter on Monday morning.

Speaking to The Examiner newspaper, Senator Malcolm Byrne that the issue was not treated sufficiently seriously when first reported.

“These are our family members, friends, and neighbours who got sick and we trust in the professionals to provide us with a clean and reliable water supply,” said Senator Byrne, who added; “The meeting is to determine what happened and what mechanisms are in place to ensure it does not happen again.”

WexfordLocal.com is of the opinion that the main discussion will centre around Minister Darragh O’Brien’s statement; “Irish Water will also work with Wexford County Council over the coming two weeks, conducting re-fresher training on incident reporting for all plants. Where appropriate, Irish Water will now put in place a technician on site, to ensure the continued safety of water treatment plants.”

There is strong speculation in the Gorey area that the drinking water became contaminated after a malfunction occurred at the plant and the delay in  reporting was compromised by holiday arrangements.

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