Courtown Harbour prepares for winter

By Dan Walsh

Courtown Harbour and seaside village owes its popularity to the tourism and visitor attractions mainly between May and August, and, on occasions if the weather is favourable the season enjoys a bonus extension.

Yachts and pleasure craft has been removed from the harbour in preparation for the winter season, but all will be back, bigger and better hopefully, next Spring.

However, Courtown will continue to function as a lively village for the locals and visitors are most welcome even if the days are chilly and the sunshine is on holiday.

There are a variety of accommodation types such as bed and breakfasts, guesthouses, and caravan and holiday parks.

Pleasure craft is removed from Courtown Harbour and taken into shelter for the winter months.

The name ‘Courtown’ dates back to 1278,but the harbour was not built until the mid-1800s as a response by Lord Courtown to the Great Famine, and cost £25,000 to complete.

Courtown was by then already well known for its beaches, but the presence of the harbour made it popular as a fashionable destination, with people from Dublin and beyond frequenting the village and beaches. Its popularity as a summer holiday resort for Dublin people increased after 1863, when the railway line from Dublin reached Gorey.

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