Strands of history at Bannow Bay

By Dan Walsh

The Bannow Maritime Heritage Weekend brings history alive this week with a series of events that nobody with a passion for the past should miss, however, the highlight is bound to be the launch of the Journal of the Bannow Historical Society, No. 4 by Barry Lacey, Historian-in-Residence at Wexford Public Libraries Service and it takes place on Friday, October 22nd at 7pm in Grantstown Priory.

Denis Kenny, Chairperson of the Society said the previous three Bannow Historical Journals were excellent publications of great integrity. “This Journal continues this tradition,” he said, before adding: “Thank you to the authors for their excellent contributions and to Greg Walsh for his valued editorial input.”

The Journal is dedicated to the memory of Tom McDonald (1951-2017) and features a tribute by Nicholas Furlong who writes; “Tom had a phenomenal memory of his professors and lecturers of decades previously. For all who knew him and mourn him it must be observed that he did not gain the just reward of his towering history specialisation.”

Other contributors to this fine publication include Bernard Browne, Richard Cummins, Rich Howlin, Máirín Kenny, Dermot McCarthy, Ian Magahy, Séamus S. deVál and Greg Walsh, who is also editor of the 2021 issue.

Journal of the Bannow Historical Society, No. 4, Edited by Greg Walsh, 216 pages, illustrated, Limited Edition, ISSN 2009-101X.

The Maritime Weekend has several interesting events including a field trip to the old quay at St. Kearns, on the Saltmills side of the estuary by Liam Ryan. Bannow through the eye of a cartographer is a catchy presentation by Brian Coulter, but for many the highlight is Bannow Ships and Men with Jack O’Leary from Wexford town and maritime artist Brian Cleare.

DENIS KENNY welcomes you to the Bannow Maritime Heritage Weekend.

Listen to DENIS KENNY with DAN WALSH on Midweek Voices, (South East Radio, 95.6 and 96.4FM) this evening (Wednesday) at 8pm.

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