Ink has dried on ancient city of Ferns

By Dan Walsh

Christopher Power has written a number of books on various fascinating aspects of local history across several regions of Ireland, however, his latest publication A History of Ferns is motivated by his residential proximity to historic Ferns, and he is daily inspired by his surroundings of history and heritage.

Author CHRISTOPHER FERNS with his latest publication ‘A History of Ferns’ now on sale in local bookshops.

“Only a scatter of beautiful ruins remains as a tangible proof of the city that once existed, briefly it is the most settlement in Ireland,” said Christopher, who added; “A peculiar feature of the ancient city and settlement is how little archaeological discoveries have been found in the town and this, considering the age and scale of the settlement, is still a puzzle. Ferns monastic sites have proved richer in this regard.”

It is against that background that Christopher explores ancient Ferns once more, from the life and times of St. Aidan, the magic of millennia that is St. Mogue’s Well, St. Mary’s Abbey, the churches of St. Peter and Mary, the sites at Clone, Ballyandrew, Boolnadrum, the later magnificence of Ferns Castle, Ferns Cathedral and the progression of Ferns life into modern times.

The book is broken into chapters, the language is plain and uncomplicated, it is an evolving story from the life of St. Aidan, founder of Ferns Diocese (550-632).

A History of Ferns by Christopher Power, well-illustrated with sketches and colour images, 144 pages, available from the author or in local bookshops.

AUDIO ADDITION Christopher Power talks about his latest publication ‘A History of Ferns’.

Christopher Power talks to Dan Walsh about his latest work on Mid Week Voices (95.6 and 96.4FM) next Wednesday at 8pm.

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