Boil Water Notice issued for Coolgreany

By Dan Walsh

All consumers on the Coolgreany Public Water Supply are informed that Irish Water, working in partnership with Wexford County Council has issued a Boil Water Notice with immediate effect to protect their health.

In a statement issued by Irish Water this afternoon; “Due to a risk of potentially inadequately disinfected water entering the supply and following HSE consultation it has been confirmed that a Boiled Water Notice is now issued for Coolgreany Public Water Supply.”

This notice applies to all consumers on the Coolgreany Public Water Supply. All consumers affected by this notice must boil their water before drinking.

Irish Water and Wexford County Council will continue to liaise and consult with the Health Service Executive with a view to lifting the Boil Water Notice as soon as practicable. You will be kept informed through, and Irish Water Customer Contact Centre: 1800 278 278.

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