No injuries reported from Storm Barra

By Dan Walsh

Despite the very dangerous conditions that prevailed across the entire county over the past 24 hours, and thanks to the sensible co-operation of the public in heeding the safety warnings, there have no reports of injuries. That is the verdict of Wexford County Council’s Emergency Management Team who met again this morning as the Council reviewed overall impact of Storm Barra across the county.

The Council’s emergency response crews, including roads staff, fire services crews etc have been busy, late into last night and from early this morning to ensure roads across the county are clear for traffic.

Whilst there have been many reports across the county of fallen trees, crews having been on site from first light with the result that all public roads are now clear, with just one or two exceptions.

In the Gorey-Kilmuckridge District there are just a couple of blocked roads but as the winds remain high in this part of the county some areas may take a little longer to clear.

As expected, some strong gusts were reported at locations across the county, with speeds of up to 115km recorded at the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Bridge, which remained open throughout the storm.

No major flooding was reported in any part of the county yesterday and whilst the flood defence mechanisms in New Ross, Ballyhack and Arthurstown were subject to greater than expected tides yesterday, the systems operated successfully.

A statement from Wexford County Council said; “We would like to thank the public for their co-operation during the height of Storm Barra yesterday. Through protecting themselves they help to protect emergency services and our workers as it reduces the number of calls to emergency situations.

Returning to normality on the River Slaney following Storm Barra.

“We would ask the public to remain vigilant today for any structures and branches that may have been loosened during the storm and to continue to drive at an appropriate speed during this current yellow warning. Wexford County Council’s key public safety messages remain the same today as we return to regular activity levels.”

Stay away from coastal areas as winds continue to gust.

Drivers to take care, always always expect the unexpected and travel at an appropriate speed

Be vigilant and aware of potential for trees falling.

If you encounter any fallen wires do not touch them – call ESB emergency number 1800 372 999.

Fallen trees on roads, localised flooding and other storm issues can be reported to Wexford County Council during office hours on 053 9196000 or outside office hours on 1890 666 777.

In the event of a significant emergency or threat to safety, phone 999.

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