Tales of Wexford told by Liam Gaul

By Dan Walsh

Tales, Traditions & Folklore of Wexford is the latest publication to come from the pen of prolific Wexford writer, Liam Gaul, and it is a real stocking filler for Christmas.

Described by the author as “a dip-in- and out” style of reading the content is made up of snippets from the history pages. Wexford town in 1902 emerges through the surviving film when the Mitchell and Kenyon cameras came to town.

Wexford author LIAM GAUL with his latest publication; ‘Tales, Traditions and Folklore of Wexford, Vol. 2

The Mitchell & Kanyon film company was a pioneer of early commercial motion pictures based in the Lancashire town of Blackburn in England, in the early days of the 20th century. Liam Gaul’s work is enhanced by the discovery in 1994 of film negatives that were restored.

Eighteen hundred rolls of nitrate film remained sealed in barrels the basement of a shop in Blackburn, for 70 years, and when investigated they contained valuable film from Wexford town. What a discovery? It forms the backbone of Liam Gaul’s latest work.

Plenty of other interesting tales in this fine book which is a great stocking-filler, and the proceeds are in aid of Wexford Women’s Refuge and Wexford Lions Club.

LIAM GAUL talking to DAN WALSH about his latest book, ‘Tales, Tradition and Folklore of Wexford. Vol. 2

Tales, Traditions & Folklore of Wexford, Vol. 2, Compiled by Liam Gaul, A40 size, illustrated, 64 pages.

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