Talking to the Lamp Post in Gorey

By Dan Walsh

In association with Dublin City University Gorey-Kilmuckridge Municipal District and Wexford County Council are engaging with a pilot project using the latest technology to explore smart tourism and public engagement! It’s called Hello Lamp Post.

The public is encouraged to engage with objects in local streets in an innovative and playful way while exploring how technology can change how the public think about and interact with the public realm in Gorey.

Starting at the Market House, people will be able to ‘talk to’ objects along the stretch which finishes at the Ashdown Park Hotel, including Gorey Garda Station and the Civic Centre. With an SMS enabled phone, you can say ‘Hello’ – sending a text to a particular object, for example ‘Hello Bench’ and have fun conversations with each object.

Yes, work it out for yourself! It appears to me as a type of social gathering information, so if you want to influence the Gorey of the future just talk to the lamp post!

A Christmas welcome at Gorey Civic Centre.

This pilot project is part of a wider ‘Town of Things’ project funded by the Department of Rural and Community Development under the Digital Innovation Programme 2021.

In addition to Hello Lamp Post, connected sensors will also be placed along Gorey Main Street to measure air quality and noise throughout the day as well as the number of vehicles and pedestrian traffic passing through the street.

Those living or visiting Gorey are encouraged to watch out for the QR codes popping up around the town presently and engage in a playful exchange or informative chat about the places visited most. Hello Lamp Post can’t wait to hear from you!

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