Enniscorthy on flood alert

By Dan Walsh in Enniscorthy

Emergency services are monitoring the rising flood waters of the River Slaney at Enniscorthy where high tide happens at 10.12pm.

Templeshannon Quay is already in flood and is closed to traffic. Sandbags have been deployed.

The message from the Gardaí and Wexford County Council is to avoid Enniscorthy overnight unless the journey is necessary. Diversions are in place.

The River Slaney at Eniscorthy at 6pm. Templeshannon Quay on the eastern side of the river is flooded and closed to traffic tonight.

Torrential rain fell overnight and into the afternoon causing considerable road flooding and in many instances road surfaces have been washed away or are in a dangerous condition. Roadusers should take extra care or avoid travel altogether until the damage is investigated and roads are made safe.

There was considerable flooding in the Enniscorthy district at Carley’s Bridge, The Still Pond overflowed onto the road, Davidstown, Ballybrennan, Kilcarbery, Edermine and Borodale. Roads along the Rivers Boro and Urrin was particularly badly affected.

A small bridge being washed away at Chapel, near Clonroche, on the road from Adamstown to Ballymackessy.

Roadusers beware. There are reports of a stone peer and a stone wall washed onto the centre of the road at Ballybrennan, on the Ballymackessy to Killurin-Wexford road.

Reports also that many roads were badly damaged and flooded in the Bridgetown area of south Wexford and Search and Rescue Helicopter 117 answered a call in the Kilmore Quay where a person was trapped in a car.

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