Roadside dumping is back

By Dan Walsh

It looks like a child has grown up but the adults have not! While driving at Kiltrea between the N30 and Caim I came upon the contents of a child’s bedroom sitting on the side of the road in the winter sunshine. They were in good condition but totally abandoned!

It is understood that the owner can have them back. They may have accidentally fell from some vehicle and recovery would be a good news story!

The scene on a country road at Kiltrea, near Caim this afternoon.

Apparently, this road is popular for indiscriminate dumping and the contents of the nursery were not the only rubbish thrown here in recent times. It is a quiet narrow road, well maintained, and the residents deserve the respect to have it stay that way.  

“I have reported dumping many times,” one local resident out for a walk told, and he added; “In fairness the County Council have come out and cleaned the place up, but they don’t seem to be able to catch the culprits. It’s all that GDPR stuff.”

One week into the New Year and the old problems have not gone away. Indiscriminate dumping remains a blot on the landscape and is firmly back on the agenda for Wexford County Council.     

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