Sen. Byrne calls for exams hybrid model

By Dan Walsh

Senator Malcolm Byrne has been urging that  clarity be provided for this year’s students since last summer and today he reiterated his call that a hybrid model of predicted grades and sat exams be used again for this year’s Leaving Certificate class.

“Those in this year’s Leaving Cert experienced as much disruption to their learning as the Leaving Cert Class of 2021 and provision needs to be made for that. In some cases, it can be through adapted exam papers, but I think the hybrid model that worked well last year should also operate for the Class of 2022. It is also important that a decision is reached soon in order to provide certainty,” he stated,


Senator Byrne confirmed to that he has spoken to groups of students in County Wexford “and the overwhelming majority of students favour the hybrid model.”

“I have raised this with the Minister, and she has not made a decision, but is listening to all the partners in education. The student representatives are strongly supporting the hybrid model, but the executives of the teaching unions want to see the traditional exam this June.”

Senator Byrne has highlighted that there are “more higher and further education places provided than ever before and so more options for those sitting exams.” He also asked that allowances be made for, and certainty given to students due to sit the Junior Certificate.

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