A Wexford student could become a Chartered Star!

Chartered Accountants Ireland has launched a call for young members and students in County Wexford to apply to become the profession’s next Chartered Star. The winner will secure a place to attend the One Young World summit in Tokyo in May, representing Chartered Accountants Ireland and Chartered Accountants Worldwide on the world stage alongside international leaders.

Open to students and young professionals of Ireland’s largest professional accountancy body across the island of Ireland, the Chartered Star award recognises exceptional achievement among the next generation of chartered accountants that lead, motivate, and inspire as they build their career.

OLIVIA MacDONALD and her boyfriend DYLAN CURRAN.

This year’s County Wexford entrants have an opportunity to follow Olivia MacDonald who represented the profession at the One Young World summit in Ottawa, Canada in 2016. Olivia now works with Vena Solutions as Manager, Financial Systems and Operations.

Recalling her experience winning Chartered Star 2016, Olivia said; “Being awarded Chartered Star and having an opportunity to represent Ireland at the One Young World summit in Ottawa alongside world leaders and Nobel Prize winners was an absolute dream come true. 

“Part of the discussions were on using technology to advance the world, with an emphasis on Chartered Accountants’ role in the future. This encouraged me to pivot my career into the tech sector and I cannot imagine ever looking back! Six years on, I am now a senior manager in a fintech company, Vena Solutions, and a permanent resident of Canada. Apart from it being an amazing and insightful week, it totally changed my career trajectory.

“Becoming a Chartered Star has been immeasurably beneficial for me, both in my personal life and my career. The connections and friendships I made as part of the experience have proved invaluable and I encourage all Chartered Accountants in County Wexford to get involved and apply,” concluded Ms MacDonald.

This year, entrants are being challenged to demonstrate to the judging panel the ways in which they are making a difference and working towards, or supporting, the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The deadline for entries is midnight, February 7 2022. The competition can be entered through the dedicated form online and people can nominate themselves, a friend or colleague. To enter, simply complete the form on the following webpage: https://charteredaccountantsworldwide.com/star/

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