New railway bridge at Rosslare Strand

The railway bridge at Station Road, Rosslare Strand, is soon to be replaced by a modern 6-metre carriageway.

By Dan Walsh

The single lane bridge over the Dublin-Rosslare Harbour railway line at Rosslare Strand is to be demolished in the coming months and replaced by a 6-metre road carriageway.

This announcement was made by Cllr Ger Carthy today who told; I’m delighted to announce that railway bridge on the Station Road, Rosslare Strand, will be demolished in the coming months. It will be replaced by a 6-metre-wide road carriageway with a footpath and cycle access for safe movement of the local community and tourists alike.

This project is a substantial investment by Iarnrod Eireann and Wexford County Council, believed to cost in the region of €0.5 million and will address the road safety issues on that bridge dating back decades.

It is a hump-backed single lane bridge with no clear vision of oncoming traffic until the summit is reached, but has served the community since the 1870’s.  

Cllr Carthy added; “We’re working hard on a similar solution to Mauritiustown Bridge in Rosslare. That is a work in progress.” That project would be further down the line!

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