Engine failure vessel rescued at sea

By Dan Walsh

Arklow RNLI came to the aid of two people on Monday following a call out request at 3.45pm from the Irish Coast Guard to assist a vessel which had lost propulsion some miles south of Arklow.

ARKLOW LIFEBOAT (Pic RNLI/Mark Corocoran – File Pic)

In fair seas with a light easterly breeze, the all-weather Trent class lifeboat made its way to the reported position and was on scene a short time later.

A crew transfer vessel from the local offshore windfarm also went to render assistance.

Once on scene, it was confirmed the casualty vessel with two people aboard had suffered engine failure.

A tow line was set up and the casualty vessel was towed back to the nearest safe port at Arklow where all hands came ashore safely.

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