Refugees at Rosslare Harbour

By Dan Walsh

Chief Executive Officer Tom Enright gave an update on refugees arriving at Rosslare Harbour and he gave the figure at 1,171 with more expected on two sailings into the port later in the week. “One-third of those arriving are under 18 years old,” he told Monday’s monthly meeting of Wexford County Council.

Mr Enright said Rosslare could be accepting up to 200 per sailing at the volunteer centre with support from the State agencies. He added that the OPW has started temporary accommodation (large marquee) for all parts of the country.

TOM ENRIGHT, CEO Wexford County Council

He spoke about a Community Response Programme and the need for holiday homes and vacant hotel places. “We are facing a challenge from Easter and accommodation is critical,” he added.

He said the real work will be in education, transport and language supports as they settle into the county. “This crisis is not going to be sorted quickly,” concluded Mr Enright who promised to continue to brief the members on the situation.

Cllr Ger Carty outlined the logistics of the humanitarian efforts and he thanked Rosslare Harbour Friends of Ukraine (RHFU) for their volunteerism and any assistance is welcome. “They have already spent €14,000 over 14 days,” he concluded. There was also support for RHFU volunteers from Cllr George Lawlor and other members.

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