Injured yachtsman brought to safety

A 40-ft yacht is towed safely to Kilmore Quay by the local RNLI Lifeboat. (Pic; RNLI/Elaine Walsh)

By Dan Walsh

Kilmore Quay RNLI assisted a 40ft yacht with an injured crew member on board 20 nautical miles off the Wexford coast and towed the vessel to Kilmore Quay. The call was requested by the Irish Coast Guard at 4pm on Friday.

One of the two crew on board the ketch had sustained an injury to his shoulder. Conditions in the area at the time were overcast and squally, with a Force 5 north easterly wind. Sea conditions at the time were described as ‘moderate’.

The lifeboat under Coxswain Aidan Bates with four crew members on board immediately launched and made its way to the scene. Arriving on scene at 5.10pm, the crew launched their Y-boat, transferring a crew member to the vessel to assess the situation.

A decision was made to establish a towline and return the vessel and crew to the nearest port which was Kilmore Quay. At 5.22 pm with the towline secured the boats were under way. The lifeboat crew member remained on board the yacht for the passage back to Kilmore Quay, arriving safely back to the harbour at 8pm. The local Irish Coast Guard Unit provided assistance to the injured man.

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