Sparks in Gorey Town Park

By Dan Walsh

Remnants of a campfire and damage to trees at Gorey Town Park over the weekend has led to calls for more committed parental observation over teenagers and young adults staying out until the early hours of the morning.

The latest episode of anti-social behaviour saw five stakes uprooted, a broken tree and ashes where a fire had been lit on the grass.

Small groups are known to converge in the park into the early hours on occasions and while most respect the surroundings damage occurs from time to time.

GOREY TOWN PARK on Monday morning.

Gardai at Gorey Station are investigating the latest incident at the park and Cllr Joe Sullivan will be raising the matter at the June meeting of Gorey-Kilmuckridge Municipal District Council.

“I have been calling on Wexford County Council for public lighting in Gorey Town Park for some time now, but to no avail,” said Cllr Sullivan, who is disappointed at the latest anti-social behaviour in the park which is open for public use, but the project is not fully completed.

It is understood that the scene of the weekend embers may have evaded the CCTV system installed in the park!

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