Driving test jobs could be lost?


By Dan Walsh

Gorey-based Cllr Andrew Bolger has expressed frustration at the RSA’s decision to reduce the working week of driving testers to 35 hours a week and has written to the Department of Transport and the Road Safety Authority pleading with them to provide clarity on the matter.

The RSA have confirmed that testers who have been doing an extra test per day under the longer working week will have their hours reduced.

Cllr Bolger said; “It is my understanding that there are a number of testers that have been told that their job could be gone by the end of August, but they are left in limbo without answers it seems. It’s frustrating for them. If you look at the bigger picture you have young people looking for driving tests.”

Cllr Bolger is particularly concerned about the backlog on tests and ‘young people have been disproportionately affected’ by the pandemic, based on research by the ERSI.

“They need to get the license to be able to work or for example drive to college in September because of the shortage of housing around the colleges. We need the RSA and the Department to make decisions that will benefit young people. I believe this will prolong the waiting lists,” concluded Cllr Bolger.

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