Diocesan shortage in parish and curacy

By Dan Walsh

Dramatic changes happening in the Diocese of Ferns were announced yesterday (Friday) by Bishop Ger Nash, Bishop of Ferns. Taking on board retirements and changes of personnel, the Diocese is also faced with the challenge that “it is no longer possible to provide a priest for each parish or curacy.”

A new structure of ministry for the Diocese with priests working together as team to provide an opportunity for priests to focus on those areas of ministry which are life enhancing for them while at the same time providing an effective ministry to the people in the pastoral area when it is no longer possible to provide a priest for each parish or curacy.

In announcing new appointments Bishop Nash is conscious of the effect this new form of team ministry will have on the people of the parishes. He thanked the lay ministers and people who support the work of the parish and encouraged them to continue their vital roles in building up the family of God in their locality.

BISHOP GER NASH, Bishop of Ferns

Bishop Ger Nash, Bishop of Ferns has made the following appointments within the Diocese.

Fr Jim Doyle C.C. Cathedral Enniscorthy has been appointed Chaplain, Irish College Paris and to pursue further studies at the Institute Catholique, Paris. The appointment is for a three-year period.

Fr Danny McDonald, PP Marshalstown and Castledockrell to retire. Bishop Ger thanked Fr Danny McDonald for his lifetime of ministry as teacher and parish priest and wished him many long, happy and healthy years in retirement.

The parishes of St Aidan’s, Enniscorthy, St Senan’s Enniscorthy and the parish and curacy of Marshalstown and Castledockrell to be assigned to the pastoral care of a team of three priests. Frs Tom Dalton, Paddy Banville and Billy Caulfield.

Fr Billy Caulfield, C.C. Galbally will join the team and reside in the Manse, Enniscorthy.

Fr Paddy Banville, Adm, St Senan’s will join the team and reside in Marshalstown.

Fr Tom Dalton, Adm. St Aidan’s will join the team and remain in the Manse, Enniscorthy

Fr Michael Byrne P.P. Bree will assume the pastoral care of the curacy of Galbally and Ballyhogue.

The appointments will take effect from Monday, August 15th 2022.

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