End of the line for seaside train?

The seagulls watching the kiddies train on the sea front at Courtown this evening. Could it be the last time the train runs along this track?

By Dan Walsh at Council Meeting and Courtown Harbour

There was an element of surprise at today’s monthly meeting of Gorey-Kilmuckridge Municipal District Council when it was strongly suggested that the popular seaside train that has been part of the summer season at Courtown Harbour for many years would be discontinued!

Cllr Mary Farrell asked about the removal of the train from Courtown, and District Manager, Philip Knight told the meeting that the train is “a mechanically propelled vehicle” and should not be used on the footpaths as it created a danger to people using the facilities. He had complaints and he was adamant that the train be derailed with immediate effect. He also alleged that “the new plaza is not designed to carry the train.”

Cllr Joe Sullivan questioned the halting of the train and said he was in Courtown two or three times yesterday and it was running all day! He wanted to know who was responsible and he was told to call the guards!

Director of Services Liz Hore said correspondence had been sent to the owner of the train and called for a pause to give the owner the chance to respond!

After the meeting this reporter travelled to sun-soaked Courtown where the train was operational – tiny little happy kids having the time of their life – just a few people around the seaside front area in question and, yes, ‘the guards’ did witness the scene which appeared tranquil and orderly.

The train has been part of Courtown for many years and is operated by a local family fun adventure and holiday experience company with an impeccable record in safety and a vital cog in the wheel of summer in Courtown!

This is a story that is going to get legs. Is the Council acting above its station? Will they cover their tracks? Or will the train face into the dark tunnel with no light at the end?   

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