Fishing boat in distress off Wexford coast

By Dan Walsh

Rosslare RNLI lifeboat responded to a local fisherman located 10 miles north of Rosslare Europort after he reported that his boat was taking on water rapidly at 9.40am yesterday (Saturday).


The volunteer crew arrived on the scene and passed over the salvage pump to help remove the water from the boat, but with the water waist high, the crew were concerned and close to abandoning ship.

The coxswain of the lifeboat ordered the Y boat to be deployed for the crew of the fishing vessel, but eventually the salvage pump made better progress in emptying the water from inside the hull.

After several hours, all the water was pumped out and the casualty vessel was stabilised. The vessel was towed back to the safety of Rosslare Europort.

Eammon O’Rourke, RNLI Coxswain at Rosslare Harbour Lifeboat Station, says; “This was an excellent service where the power and speed of the Severn lifeboat combined with our well-trained volunteer crew undoubtedly saved the fishing boat crew and their vessel.”

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