Fly-tipping ‘disgrace’ on Vinegar Hill

The scene of weekend fly-tipping on Vinegar Hill this afternoon.

By Dan Walsh

Indiscriminate dumping has appeared on Enniscorthy’s tourism ‘jewel in the crown’ Vinegar Hill over the weekend and is strongly condemned as determined efforts to make the famous 1798 battle site more visitor friendly are in the making.

“I’m really annoyed about anyone doing any kind of dumping but this is fly-tipping. Someone has renovated their bathroom and either they themselves or someone else has come and dumped this up on Vinegar Hill”, said Cllr Barbara-Anne Murphy who is a member of Enniscorthy District Council and Chair of the Board of the National 1798 Centre Committee, who added: “It’s a disgrace and we need to find out who did it and if anybody knows they should come and tell us and immediately notify the Council. It’s an absolute disgrace. It’s sacrilege to that Hill.”

A trailer load of what appears to be the contents of an unwanted bathroom demolition were deposited over the boundary wall in the car park. It appears the rubbish was there over the weekend when thousands of visitors were in town for the Rockin’ Food and Fruit Festival and many of them may have visited Vinegar Hill.

AUDIO ADDITION; CLLR BARBARA-ANNE MURPHY condemns dumping on Vinegar Hill.

If anybody has any information regards this vandalism, or similar incidents countywide, they should contact Wexford County Council on 053 916000.

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