Relief as toilet flushes on Vinegar Hill

The scene at Vinegar Hill car park on Saturday evening. The new toilet on the far left, the green doggy-poo bin in the centre, and the bag of dog shit on the right.

By Dan Walsh

Cllr Jackser Owens has welcomed what he describes as “the first ever public toilet” on Vinegar Hill and he visited the site on Friday as the workers placed ‘the trial unit’ in place.

Cllr Owens had called for public toilets on the popular tourist destination that is Vinegar Hill at district and county meetings of the Council for a long time. Jackser gets the plaudits.

This is a modern development for visitors to Vinegar Hill, however, no such facilities existed during the Insurrection of 1798 when, it is recorded and never forgotten, “lads pissed in the powder” and it was no use to the canons and the guns!

The provision of public toilets on the hill must be welcomed and improves the image of the area, however, it is a long way from improving mindless filthy bad habits.

I visited the hill twice today. At the entrance to the hill from the car park is a green dog poo bin – very prominent – and I didn’t check to see if it was full, but I avoided stepping in dog shit – it had been flattened so somebody brought home a souvenir on their shoe – and a bag full of the canine excrement in a white bag is dangling from the hedge beside it! Not a great image.

Last weekend recorded the dumping of bathroom contents over a wall in the car park on Vinegar Hill. It has been completely removed.

On my way back to town, on the pedestrian crossing at the top of Drumgoold, opposite the new school, is rubbish, now scattered about, that has been there for a week!

Extensive rubbish dumping on the Killagoley to Springvalley road above the Turret Rocks. Other parts of the town are affected too, at the recent meeting of Enniscorthy Municipal District Council Cllr John O’Rourke referred to fly-tipping in the Carley’s Bridge area, on the opposite side of town.

Local representatives and reporters like me get it in the neck when we are termed ‘negative about the town’ but realism must be recognised – the people of Enniscorthy and visitors to the town demand the respect of a clean and healthy environment and urgent action is required to meet these simple human expectations. Cover-ups are no good unless it goes into the bins provided.

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