Wexford Rose Joy hugs everyone!

Wexford Rose JOY QUIGLEY and host DAITHÍ Ó SÉ in the Rose of Tralee on RTÉ last night.

By Dan Walsh

Wexford Rose Joy Quigley from Ferns was the final interviewee on last night’s televised International Rose of Tralee Festival, and she gave a masterful performance with lots of laughter and banter with host Daithí Ó Sé.

“I am so much a hugger,” Joy told Daithí and she continued; “I just love a hug. I love affection. It is certainly my love language. People’s love language is usually touch, but mine is hugging.”

Joy had a great appearance on the show and acknowledged the presence of her parents in the audience, Linda and John, and other relatives and friends who supported Joy from Ferns to Tralee.

Eighteen Roses were featured and the final fifteen will appear on RTÉ television tonight (Tuesday) and the winner of the 2022 Rose of Tralee will be announced soon after 11pm.

AUDIO ADDITION; Wexford Rose Joy Quigley at presenter Daithí Ó Sé on the Rose of Tralee stage. (Pic; RTE).

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