Tirlán confirms 2022 grain pricing

By Dan Walsh

Tirlán will pay over €100 million for quality grain from Harvest 2022, with prices for Members standing at €310 tonne for green feed barley and €320/t for green feed wheat.

Seán Molloy, Chief Ingredients and Agri Officer, said Tirlán has continuously displayed strong commitment to the sector with a key focus on innovation within the plant-based portfolio and premium grains to deliver higher returns for farmers. 

“Tirlán has achieved the highest ever volumes of premium crops in Harvest 2022, returning on average close to €40/t over feed grain prices. These premiums are critical to underpinning farm profitability. We are focused on growing our customer base and acreage for our premium crops, including gluten-free oats and HEAR Oilseed rape,” he stated. 

“The specialised grains portfolio will deliver over €3m in premium payments to growers this harvest.”

JOHN MURPHY, Chairman of Tirlán

Commenting on the announcement, Tirlán Chairman John Murphy said the payments worth over €100 million to growers for over 300,000 tonnes of grain from Harvest 2022 would deliver a welcome economic boost for rural areas. He highlighted the performance of the network of facilities in handling a large volume of high quality grain over a short time period driven by excellent harvesting conditions and good yields. 

“Total green intake exceeded over 200,000 tonnes, with over 65,000 tonnes of grain handled in one week alone. It is a tribute to our dedicated workforce and level of investment that has been made in the processing network,” he said. “Our teams in our new Innovation Centre continue to work with our premium grains portfolio with a keen focus on the plant-based food sector as part of our commitment to maximise returns to farm families.”

John Kealy, Head of Grains, highlighted that a strong emphasis continues to be placed on equipping growers with global market updates and forward pricing offers on a regular basis.

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