Codd defends the lady champions

By Dan Walsh

Aontú member Cllr Jim Codd has reacted to the recent ‘storm in a teacup’ controversy surrounding the Irish Women’s football team singing Celtic Symphony after qualifying for the World Cup having beaten Scotland.


Speaking on local radio, Cllr Codd said; “I find the comments condemning these fine young sports stars to be disgusting and an aggressive form of misogynism. Once more the easily offended are throwing out the vilest attacks. Attacks on our Republic. Attacks on our patriotic history. And attacks on a group of young athletes who have given us something to cheer about during the very worst of times.”

“These women are role models and an inspiration to thousands. They bring something wonderful to the world that the sniveling revisionist talking heads and scurrilous social media bullies will never equal or even understand,” said Cllr Codd, who concluded: “Well done to our great international lady footballers.”

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