Boolavogue Penny ejects Boris Johnson

By Dan Walsh

British MP Penny Mordaunt, who has Boolavogue blood in her veins, declared on Friday that she would seek the leadership of the Tory Party in Britain, and consequently become the third Prime Minister in the same year!

However, it is unlikely that Ms Mordaunt will win the leadership after ex-Prime Minister Boris Johnson pulled out of the race on Sunday.

Penny Mordaunt rejected a call by Boris Johnson to pull out of the Tory leadership race and back him,

Sources close to the Commons leader told Sky News she had spoken to the former prime minister.

During the short lived occupancy of PM Liz Truss. Penny, (49), was Leader of the House of Commons and Lord President of the Council.

Several long-time allies of Mr Johnson, including Suella Braverman and Steve Baker, threw their support behind Rishi Sunak, the frontrunner in the race, on Sunday.

Mr Baker, the former head of backbench Brexiteers, warned that a potential comeback by Mr Johnson, who was ousted by his colleagues in July, would be a “guaranteed disaster”.

It currently appears that Rishi Sunak will be the next Prime Minister in the UK. Ms. Mordaunt, the woman with close Wexford family roots, it appears, will have to wait longer for her turn to come…but going on the current shenanigans at Westminster… that may only be a few more months away!

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