Housing update for Gorey town

By Dan Walsh

Cllr Joe Sullivan has visited eight active house building sites in the Gorey town area and has calculated the Part V social housing aspect as set out on the table below;

CLLR JOE SULLIVAN Update on Housing in Gorey town

* Ramstown 67 units exclusively social.

* Tobar Mhuire. 63 units exclusively social.

* Gleann An Ghairdin. 30 units Part V. Some already delivered.

*. Ramsfort/ Ballowen. 30 units Part V.

*. Millquarter. 18 units delivered Part V.

* Pearson’s Brook. 9 units Part V.

* Spring View Gorey Hill. 8 units Part V.

* Clonattin Road. 4 units Part V.

Cllr Sullivan said that this figure is enhanced by the fact that two of the sites are exclusively social. “I would expect that the majority of these houses will be delivered within the next twelve months,” he stated.

“I will be working with the Director of Services Housing Wexford County Council Ms Carolyne Godkin to ensure that the vast majority of these houses are delivered to prospective tenants within the short to medium term,” said Cllr Sullivan, who concluded; “I know that there is no instant solution to the current housing crisis but would like to think that there is hope with the delivery of the above houses.”

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