Taoiseach asked for support in Clongeen and Foulkesmills

Johnny Mythen T.D. (Sinn Féin) was on his feet in Dáil Éireann yesterday (Wednesday).

The Enniscorthy-based deputy said; “I ask the Taoiseach to replicate the special emergency humanitarian support scheme the Tánaiste recently announced for the people in New Ross and Tullow after flooding in the towns. I am asking for the same support for the two small communities of Clongeen and Foulkesmill, in south Wexford. They are left with a trail of devastation following a mini tornado that struck those areas last week.

“One man had almost completed the building of his new home only to find it flattened, with no possibility of a claim, but thank God there was no injury or loss of life. Another woman lost the roof off her house. I ask the Taoiseach for some flexibility and to provide emergency humanitarian support for these two rural communities, which have suffered from this freak act of nature, as existing schemes mostly only cover flood damage.”

In reply An Taoiseach Micheál Martin said; “On the issue Deputy Mythen raised, we should be in a position to apply the flood scheme, the humanitarian assistance scheme. I will talk to the Tánaiste’s office and see if we can follow up on that, if that has not happened already, because there is no issue with that where storms happen and damage is done.”

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