Dr. Billy Colfer honoured at Wexford Arts Centre

Members of Dr. Billy Colfer’s family; Niall, Eoin and Paul in reflection at the launch of the Dr Billy Colfer exhibition in Wexford Arts Centre today.

By Dan Walsh at Wexford Arts Centre

Wexford Arts Centre today launched an exhibition celebrating the life and work of Dr. Billy Colfer. Curated by Karla Sánchez O’Connell and Rosemary Hartigan; the exhibition will run from November 15th to December 23th in the new Billy Colfer Gallery.
This exhibition aims to celebrate Dr. Colfer’s life and work by offering a glimpse into his working process including all the research, writing, editing, drawing, mapping and photographing.  At the same time, the exhibition presents some of the treasured watercolours and drawings that belong to the Wexford County Collection, and the private collections of Dr. Colfer’s five sons: Paul, Eoin, Donal, Niall, and Eamonn.  
Director Elizabeth Whyte stated to WexfordLocal.com; We are delighted to be launching a new gallery in Dr. Billy Colfer’s name as part of the completion of new capital works.  Billy was instrumental in the establishment of Wexford Arts Centre and contributed greatly as a board director, artist, historian, teacher, set designer, and advisor over the years. This exhibition celebrating his life and works will be an inspiration to our visitors on how to make a positive creative impact within the local Wexford community. We are very grateful to the Colfer family for their support for this exhibition and for the naming of our new gallery in their late father’s name to inspire future generations visiting Wexford Arts Centre.”
A native of Slade on the Hook Peninsula, Dr. Billy Colfer (1939-2013) was the author of many publications that are now classics of Wexford history such as “The Hook Peninsula” (2004), “Wexford: A Town and its Landscape” (2008) and “Wexford Castles: Landscape, Context and Settlement” (2013).
A man of many talents, Dr. Colfer was an active member of the Wexford Historical Society, being president from 2007-2010 and editor of their journal from 1984-1991. He was both an actor and set designer for Wexford Drama Club; his beloved wife Noreen was the lead actress for many years. Dr. Colfer was key in the establishment of Wexford Arts Centre and the National Heritage Park in Wexford, and his involvement in other organisations such as the Wexford SubAqua Club and Wexford Golf Club left a positive and indelible mark.

This exhibition will run in the Dr. Billy Colfer Gallery from Tuesday 15 November to Friday 23 December 2022. Opening hours are Tuesday – Saturday from 10am to 5pm.

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