Comedy in Craanford

The cast of Pretend Sick on stage at Craanford Community Centre this weekend.

By Dan Walsh

Craanford Drama Group are back on stage at Craanford Community Centre with their chaotic comedy ‘Pretend Sick’ last night and tonight (Thursday) with two more shows still to come on Saturday and Sunday nights at 8pm.

The play will see Deirdre Malone in the role of Katie Logan – a woman who spends her days pretending to be a crippled and decrepit old lady so that her daughter Mary (Margaret Nolan) won’t leave her living alone. However as soon as Mary’s back is turned, Katie is running around the house like a spring chicken, plotting and scheming to make Mary’s life a misery.

Meanwhile, Katie’s son Sean (Patrick Lennon) squanders the family farm, spending every penny on the demon drink with his giddy pub buddies and flighty party girls played by Seamus Burnell, Brendan Doyle Caitlin Clauson and Priscilla Mullen. The loved-up next door neighbours – Tracey (Clodagh Kenny) and Jack (Oliver Doran) – are full of the joys of newly married life, which makes Mary realise that it’s time for her to wave goodbye to boyfriend Martin Puddler (Ger Doran) for the more sophisticated well-spoken Matt (Denis Eivers).

Directed by Brendan Doyle, this fast-paced comedy ‘Pretend Sick’ can be enjoyed in Craanford Community Centre on Saturday and Sunday, December 10th and 11th at 8pm nightly. Admission costs €10 for adults and €5 for children and tickets are available on the door.

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