Two injured in Ferns gas explosion

Rescuing belongings outside of the devastated Kearns family home at Clone, Ferns, today.

By Dan Walsh in Ferns

A father and son, John Kearns, (91), and Andrew Kearns, (42), were hospitalised early today following a horrific gas related explosion at Clone, Ferns, which occurred around 7.30am.

Both men were removed to Wexford General Hospital for medical treatment where John is still detained tonight while Andrew was transferred to the Burns Unit at St. Vincent’s Hospital, Dublin, this afternoon. Injuries sustained in both cases are described as “non-life-threatening.”

Devastated family members told that their father lived alone and his son, who lives nearby, made his regular call to care for him and ensure he was OK.

However, an explosion occurred while lighting a gas stove and devastated the building while a fire also broke out. Windows from the house were blown across the road into a ditch and onto an adjoining neighbour’s garden.

Andrew is a family hero as he fought through the devastation to bring his father to safety. “It is a miracle how he got Daddy out,” said one of his sisters.

Emergency services were at the scene throughout the morning, including two units of Enniscorthy Fire Service. Family members and neighbours also spent most of the day trying to recover property, but the single storey house is structurally devastated throughout and is roofless. Every room in the house is destroyed.  

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