WexfordLocal.com wishes all loyal readers MERRY CHRISTMAS 2022.


WexfordLocal.com wishes all our loyal readers and followers a HAPPY CHRISTMAS 2022.

WexfordLocal.com is your e-paper covering news, sport and events that matter across Co. Wexford since June 2020.

This is your first search for all the breaking news and coverage of many local events as they happen in the community where you work, rest or play.

We would like to thank everybody who have co-operated in generating news stories, those who generously share their press releases, those thoughtful supporters who always send us in the right direction to cover a breaking story, and, of course without readers there would be no point in keeping the local news and events to the forefront.

Quality production is an important ingredient, and we commend our universal publisher WordPress for the high standard of production and technical support provided at all times.

WexfordLocal.com is available to readers worldwide and, using the most recent figures (December 24th), the following is the Top 10 readership worldwide; Ireland 113,911; United Kingdom 7,380; United States 5,167; Australia 1,120; Norway 658; Canada 476; Spain 465; Germany 372; Netherlands 362, and France 337.


Dan Walsh, Managing Editor, WexfordLocal.com

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