Ordination in Wexford 

The Reverend Ciarán Kavanagh with his wife, Berna Rackard, daughter Elizabeth and son Dave at his Ordination in St. Iberius Church, Wexford.

The Reverend Ciarán Kavanagh was ordained a priest for the Church of Ireland’s Ordained Local Ministry (OLM) in St Iberius Church, Wexford by The Right Reverend Adrian Wilkinson, Bishop of Cashel, Ferns & Ossory on Sunday, January 8th.

A Diocesan Reader since 2005 Ciarán is the fifth trainee of the new Church of Ireland Ordained Local Ministry (OLM) training course to be ordained priest in this diocese.

Bishop Adrian Wilkinson, leading the service on the day of the Baptism of our Lord, said it was a wonderful privilege and pleasure to be there on a day of joy and celebration as Ciarán is ordained priest in the Church of God.

The preacher at the service, Canon Nicola Halford, Rector of Enniscorthy & Monart Union of Parishes, also spoke of how this was a real day of celebration for Wexford and Kilscoran Union.

“Ciaran already knows and loves you,” she told the congregation. “And you already know and love him. He already knows how to find all nine of your churches. He knows how this community works, how you like to celebrate your joys, how you support each other in sorrow. He already understands the parochial context of ministry in Wexford.He is one of you!”

She wished him a long and fruitful ministry in Wexford where, as an Ordained Local Minister, he will work alongside the Rector, The Reverend Norman McCausland, as part of the ministry team.

Ciarán, a former Irish Army commandant and retired primary school principal, was presented for ordination by his sponsors, his daughter Elizabeth, his son David, his sisters Maeve Dunne and Paula Creeber. His wife, Berna Rackard, sang in the choir.

Lessons were read by Francoise Davison, Victoria Hawkins and The Reverend Ger James (Carlow). The organist was Dr Jeffrey Cox.

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