Courtown bids farewell to Melanie

By Dan Walsh

The Executive Director of Seal Rescue Ireland (SRI), Melanie Croce, has parted the ways and moved on to her next adventure, a decision that is supported as a personal decision, but regretted by many who have been impressed by her impact on the environment of Courtown Harbour over the past six years.

MELANIE CROCHE leaves Seal Sanctuary Ireland at Courtown Harbour

“Although I’m excited for my next adventure, I’m sad to say goodbye to some of the most amazing, dedicated, and capable people I’ve ever met: SRI’s management team based in Courtown. It’s been an honour and privilege to work alongside literally hundreds of interns, volunteers and colleagues over the years at our small seal rescue centre, most of whom worked full-time on a voluntary basis, without whom none of this work would have been possible.

“A heartfelt thank you to our fantastic network of volunteers nationwide who have helped every seal reach our care.

“Thank you to the many supporters, sponsors, collaborators, members, donors and media outlets over the years who have helped SRI become leaders in Ireland’s environmental movement and spread our message across the globe”, concluded Melanie.

Courtown Community Council have paid tribute; “It’s not every day you get to work with people as inspirational as Melanie and Jeshua. They have a real passion for what they do and working with them over the past four years has truly been an honour. Courtown Community Council wouldn’t be where we are today without your wealth of knowledge, ongoing support and selfless dedication.”

From a personal viewpoint, I have worked with Melanie Croce in print, radio and television productions, and she was consistently refreshing and committed to her brief, always professional and sensitive with communications, and she threw her heart and soul into her profession. I will miss her and so will Courtown and its environment.

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