“Enniscorthy madness” in new book

By Dan Walsh in Enniscorthy

There was a packed gathering of family and friends in the Presentation Arts Centre, Enniscorthy, this afternoon for the launch of a new novel by Tony Bolger entitled IN HINDSPITE.

TONY BOLGER signing copies of his book in the Presentation Arts Centre, Enniscorthy.

“There is a lot of Enniscorthy madness in the book and I want people to enjoy it,” Tony told WexfordLocal.com, while the rear cover declares in colourful and light-hearted sentiment; “This is the story of how far an idiot will go to avoid dealing with his own nonsense, as he navigates a tornado of self-made disasters, endless sandwiches and random bird attacks.”

This is the first novel for Enniscorthy native Tony Bolger who departed his home place at the age of 19, although he has visited a number of times, and today he returned as a published author and spoke briefly at a humorous launch. “It is nice to be home,” he stated.

He studied English in Creative Writing in Bristol, and although he has written articles for local and online publications, this is his first novel. He admits that his book “is light-hearted reading” and he hopes readers will enjoy it.

IN HINDSPITE is a paperback consisting of more than 200 pages, a variety of chapters and short stories, and is available on Amazon.

TONY BOLGER speaking at the launch of his book IN HINDSPITE in the Presentation Arts Centre, Enniscorthy, this afternoon.

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