Tense debate on Gorey housing plans

By Dan Walsh at Gorey Kilmuckridge Municipal District Meeting

While the proposed end to the temporary Eviction Ban on March 31st was under discussion prior to a vote on the matter in Dáil Éireann on Wednesday, councillors lambasted Wexford County Council for its failure to deliver housing in Gorey at today’s monthly meeting of Gorey Kilmuckridge Municipal District Council held in the Civic Centre.

Cllr Joe Sullivan was critical of the lack of progress at 20 affordable houses in the Ramsfort area; 40 units at Tober Mhuire and 30 units at St. Joseph’s site in Gorey town.

“Ninety units will not be delivered before the end of the Eviction Ban and I leave the blame 100% at the door of Wexford County Council,” said Cllr Sullivan, who added; “Ninety units would take a considerable amount of pressure out of the system.”


Cllr Fionntán Ó Súilleabháin referred to delays in progressing St. Joseph’s and Tober Mhuire and the massive problems arising. “The system is crazy and has to change,” he charged.

Cllr Ó Súilleabháin referred to ending the Eviction Ban and expressed concerns about people facing a notice to quit! “People are asking me; where will I go?” he said, but he also wanted to know where was the emergency accommodation option?

Cllr Anthony Donohoe told the meeting that there were 650 units between five (Council) districts. “There are 84 houses in one housing estate in Gorey out of that 650,” he said before asking; how many council houses being built on council property?

Cllr Mary Farrell raised an issue with housing delays in Monamolin. “It has been going on for two years and is still at the tender process stage,” she claims.

Cllr Andrew Bolger claimed he was told the affordable St. Joseph’s site would be shovel ready by January and constructed by March 2024, but nothing has happened. “I would like to know what the delay is?”

Cllr Anthony Donohoe said the St. Waleran’s site is owned by the Council for five years and he suggested if it had been sold to a private developer there would be people living there now. “I cannot fathom what is causing housing delays,” he added.


Ms. Paula Shortall from the Housing Department told the meeting that she didn’t have any answers to the members queries and would have to refer them to Council Headquarters in Wexford.

Cllr Diarmuid Devereux, Leas-Cathaoirleach expressed disappointment that a representative would be sent to council meetings and can’t answer questions. The meeting was unanimously in agreement that they were respectful and held no personal issues with Ms. Shortall’s representation, but strongly felt the answers were with the Housing Department of Wexford County Council and they should step up to the plate and bring answers to the table.

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