Public access in doubt at Clone Beach?

The deep chasm measuring two-metres high behind Cllr Joe Sullivan on the right and the fast flowing river places a dangerous situation in gaining access to the sea at Clone Beach. This image was taken last Thursday. (Pic;

By Dan Walsh at Clone Beach, Castletown

Clone Beach in North Wexford could be closed to the public this season if immediate action called for by a majority who attended a public meeting held in the Golden Anchor, Castletown, on Thursday night is ignored by Wexford County Council.

About 40 concerned locals attended the meeting which was well publicised in advance and chaired by local Cllr Joe Sullivan “in a determined effort to improve matters and to formulate a framework of action going forward for the betterment of the entire community.”

The debate was focussed on the excessive volume of water in the Ahare River causing consistent flooding of adjacent lands, impeding traffic on the road between Castletown and Tara Hill and the stagnation of water at the bridge prior to the river emptying into the sea on Clone Beach.

It was a lively meeting with plenty of input and locals seeking immediate action, especially in relation to the two-metre-high sand cliff edges that have developed on Clone Beach.

Cllr Joe Sullivan told that Clone Beach is “a safety hazard in its current state and it is impossible to cross to the beach.” Cllr Sullivan is engaging with Wexford County Council and has been calling for action for some time, but to no avail. He is bringing the thoughts and feelings of the coastal community to the Council, and the Green Party, again, and unless something isn’t done immediately the concerned residents are requesting that “all access to the public beach should be curtailed for safety reasons” and it is believed locally that cutting a channel, like used to happen in the days when the locals managed the rivers, would solve most of the existing problems and prevent such drastic action.

They are calling on Wexford County Council to hastily respond and engage with the close-knit North Wexford community. The matter will be on the agenda for the April meeting of Wexford County Council.    

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