Dog rescued from rocks off Ardamine

By Dan Walsh

Courtown RNLI were requested by the Irish Coast Guard on Thursday afternoon to rescue a dog that got separated from its owner and got stuck on the rocks below Ardamine Church.

The inshore lifeboat with helm Robbie Ireton and crew members Peter Browne and Amy Dowdall was launched around 2pm and arrived on the scene at 2.45pm.

On arrival Courtown Coast Guard’s shore unit were on scene but were not in reach of the dog due to the steep rocky terrain.


The conditions were favourable at the time with partial cloud and a slight wind.

Crew members Browne and Dowdall to managed to climb up on the rocks and work together to fasten a harness around the large dog. Due to its size and the slippiness of the rocks, this proved challenging, and the crew had to work to carry the dog carefully from rock to rock, until they managed to hand it safely over to the Coast Guard, who then reunited the dog with its relieved owner.

Speaking following the call out, Jim Murphy, Courtown RNLI Deputy Launching Authority said; “This was the first call out of the year and we were delighted to assist in reuniting the dog safe and well with its owner.

“We would encourage pet owners to keep their animal on a lead when close to cliff edges, and slippery surfaces. If your pet does go into the water or gets stuck on rocks, don’t attempt a rescue yourself, they will probably get out themselves. If you are worried and need help, call 999 or 112 and ask for the Coast Guard,” concluded Mr. Murphy.

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