Nature restores the beauty of Clone Strand

CLONE STRAND today – Good Friday – the beach is restored to normality. (Pic;

By Dan Walsh at Clone Strand

Problems with flooding in the vicinity of the Ahare River and a cascading steam across Clone Strand preventing access to the beach and difficulties with spawning beds and access to the Inch River may have been solved… by nature itself!

Concerns raised at a recent public meeting held in the Golden Anchor, Castletown, and consistent lobbying by local public representatives, especially Cllr Joe Sullivan, but credit also to Cllrs Diarmuid Devereux, Anthony Donohoe and Fionntán Ó Súilleabháin, has elevated the North Wexford coastal difficulties into the public arena and calls for action from Wexford County Council.

On March 31st, exclusively talked with Cllr Sullivan on Clone Strand surrounded by a two-metre sand cliff and a fast-flowing river that “placed public access in doubt” unless “a channel was cut allowing the river flow into the sea.”

A few days later and a direct river to sea channel naturally opened and, consequently, nature succeeds where the local authority has failed! Nature has of its own accord guided the river on a direct channel to the sea, replicating a tradition once operated by the locals until undermined by regulation.

MARCH 31st… CLLR JOE SULLIVAN standing on Clone Strand beside a cascading river and a two-metre sand cliff top. (Pic;

Consequently, the newly created river through the beach has been eliminated and the sandy cliff is being met by sand drifted in from the sea and safe access from the public road to the beach has reopened. People were taking advantage this afternoon.

Another consequence is that stagnant water beside the Ahare River, at the bridge, has disappeared, there is no water on the road and the adjoining grassland is drying out.

This is a good news story, but undoubtedly the matter will be on the agenda for the special meeting dealing with climate change, coastal erosion, coastal flooding and rising sea levels taking place at Wexford County Council headquarters at Carricklawn, Wexford, on Tuesday.

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