Gorey Visitor Centre facing May closure?

GOREY VISITOR CENTRE is facing closure at the end of May.

By Dan Walsh in Gorey

The staff at Gorey Visitor Centre located in the historic Market House on Gorey’s Main Street say, “they are devastated to share news of the impending closure of Gorey Visitor Centre.”

The public were informed of developments at the Centre when a notice was placed on the window last week, signed by the staff of Gorey Visitor Centre, and while there are concerns from the public there doesn’t appear to be any official response.

Many regard the closing down of the Visitor Centre as the summer season approaches to be a negative tourism blow for Gorey and North Wexford.

A call for a statement by WexfordLocal.com has received no reply to date, and therefore, the public are in the dark regards the future of North Wexford tourist information and the promotion of works by local craftspeople who enjoyed their works on display in the Centre over many years.

The staff at Gorey Visitor Centre said; “We do not want to say goodbye and were so disappointed by this decision. We truly believe that this centre is a valuable asset to the community, supporting local artists and assisting visitors to the Gorey area. We will do our best to support the artists until the end, which we have been informed is the end of May. We would love to remain in service to our community.”

The public is advised to contact Wexford County Chamber with their concerns and enquiries.

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