3 rescued from yacht off Hook Head

By Dan Walsh

Three people on board a yacht stranded one and a half miles north-west of Hook Head were rescued by the crew of Dunmore East RNLI late last Thursday night.

Alerted by the Irish Coast Guard, the volunteer lifeboat crew were called into action late last night at 11.43pm to assist the three people on the 10-metre yacht in distress. The yacht, with three people onboard, found itself adrift after losing both engine power and electrics amidst challenging weather conditions.

HOOK HEAD… rescue from a stranded yacht with three people on board.

The Shannon class all-weather lifeboat reached the yacht in poor visibility, wind Force 5-6, moderate sea state, and rainy conditions. After evaluating the situation and ensuring the yacht’s crew’s well-being, the decision was made to tow the vessel back to the safety of Dunmore East Harbour.

Roy Abrahamsson, Dunmore East RNLI Coxswain said: “The yacht’s crew were relieved to see us arrive, as the loss of power had left them adrift and vulnerable in the challenging wind and rain conditions in darkness. We urge those going afloat to check their engine and fuel, always wear a lifejacket or buoyancy aid, and carry a means of calling for help.”

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