All-Ireland success for Bree Macra

Pictured are Peter Byrne, Jordan Feeley, Grace Kehoe, Mary Byrne, and PJ D’Arcy. Missing is Sarah Byrne, who competed in the semi-final, and coach James Byrne.

Bree Macra Public Speaking team of Chairman Jordan Feeley, and speakers Mary Byrne and Grace Kehoe, have emerged victorious in Macra’s Public Speaking All-Ireland Final last Saturday week.

Jordan Feeley put on a stellar performance to win Best Speaker. The team spoke on the topic “Young People Need to Rise Up and Be Heard“. Bree Macra extends its congratulations to the team and would like to thank the team’s coaches, James Byrne, PJ D’Arcy, and Peter Byrne, for the countless hours of work they invested in the team.

This was an especially nostalgic moment for PJ D’Arcy and Peter Byrne, who won the trophy themselves in 1970 and 1980 respectively. 

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