At Boolavogue as the sun was setting…

The participants at the pike march from The Harrow in the grounds of the Boolavogue Centre earlier this evening.

By Dan Walsh at Boolavogue

With pride of place and a dignified ceremony the community of Boolavogue was joined in history and heritage by neighbouring groups at this evening’s (Friday) well attended and impressive pike march from The Harrow to the Fr. John Murphy Centre at Boolavogue proudly marking the 225th anniversary of the 1798 Rebellion.

Wreaths of remembrance were laid along the marching route from Bookey’s Stream at The Harrow performed by Aidan Kehoe, the honour was shared by ’98 Senator Seamus Burke and Walter Hall at the ’98 monument in Boolavogue Cemetery, while the famous Shorehole Jack Murphy (1744-1816) was also fondly remembered.

Ballindaggin Pipe Band led the parade which included pike groups from Boolavogue, Monageer and Oulart. The pleasant occasion ended in the preserved farmyard beside the Fr. Murphy Centre which was officially opened in 1998 by the then President of Ireland Mary McAleese.

Speaking to, Padraig Sinnott, Chair of the Boolavogue Centre Committee paid tribute to the pike groups for their participation in this evening’s commemoration. They were rewarded with refreshments and a music celebration is taking place tonight in Kelly’s of The Harrow.

Mr. Sinnott acknowledged recent grant aid of €40,000 which will be used for re-roofing and re-thatching of the outhouses which deteriorated in recent years. “The work is under way,” he stated.

The Centre spans a 250-year period embracing both the historical and rural aspects of the area.

Fr. John Murphy was the Curate at Boolavogue from 1785 to 1798. He lived with the Donoghue family in the Townsland of Tomnaboley (an Irish word that means “the place for gathering the cows”) which is now known as the Fr. Murphy Centre until he went to lead the local insurgents in the 1798 Rebellion.

The message is; “Come to Boolavogue and hear his story as you wander around this typical traditional Irish farmyard and pose for some great photos with the vintage farming tools!” The Fr. John Murphy at Boolavogue is open seven days a week and all are welcome.

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