Swims and dips cheques presented

By Dan Walsh Fundraising for the lifeboats is a popular activity around Christmas and the generosity of coastline supporter has been reflected in the presentation of cheques at Fethard-on-Sea and Kilmore Quay recently. Hooked on Swimming’s ’12 Swims of Christmas’ raised €15,260 for Fethard-on-Sea RNLI with a little help from their friends. The funds wereContinue reading “Swims and dips cheques presented”

12 swims of Christmas for Fethard RNLI

By Dan Walsh Fethard RNLI’s fundraising branch has begun to distribute RNLI Christmas cards to local shops and businesses, while local swimming group Hooked on Swimming have begun their 12 swims of Christmas fundraiser which will see proceeds raised power the lifesaving work of the volunteer lifeboat crew. In the past week, local shops andContinue reading “12 swims of Christmas for Fethard RNLI”

Lone boatman struggling in The Windy Gap

By Dan Walsh A lone boatman was observed struggling to make ground with oars whilst being blown away from the shore and the Irish Coast Guard requested the launch of Fethard RNLI at 3.30pm yesterday (Friday). Fethard RNLI’s inshore lifeboat was launched at Fethard Dock and headed to area a half a mile off TheContinue reading “Lone boatman struggling in The Windy Gap”

Rebecca organised RNLI water safety clinic

By Dan Walsh Rebecca Doyle, Fethard RNLI’s Volunteer Water Safety Officer, commenced her new role by organising a Swim Safely Clinic given by the RNLI Water Safety Team which was attended by local swim group, Hooked on Swimming and the local Triathlon Club. Killian O Kelly, RNLI Water Safety Education Manager, joined Rebecca and volunteerContinue reading “Rebecca organised RNLI water safety clinic”

Yacht breaks down in Bannow Bay

By Dan Walsh Fethard RNLI launched its inshore lifeboat on Wednesday evening to assist the crew of a broken down 8-metre yacht in Bannow Bay. The volunteer crew were requested to launch their inshore lifeboat by the Irish Coast Guard just after 9.15 pm. The crew proceeded to Fethard Dock where they launched the lifeboatContinue reading “Yacht breaks down in Bannow Bay”

Air and sea rescue off Duncannon

By Dan Walsh Fethard RNLI’s inshore lifeboat crew were attending the Shine A Light Festival at Hook Lighthouse where the crew were offering sea safety advice to the locals and visitors in the area, when Irish Coast Guard requested their assistance on Sunday at 3pm. Fully prepared with shore crew and boat crew, they proceededContinue reading “Air and sea rescue off Duncannon”

Christmas swims raise €9,150 for Fethard RNLI

By Dan Walsh An innovative fund raiser involving 12 Swims of Christmas during December at Baginbun Beach raised an amazing €9,150 presented to Fethard RNLI at a ceremony held in the boathouse yesterday. Set up by local artist Helen Mason, this safety conscious swimming group who prefer to swim in numbers, grew from single figuresContinue reading “Christmas swims raise €9,150 for Fethard RNLI”

Sea search off Baginbun Bay

By Dan Walsh Fethard RNLI launched its inshore lifeboat on Friday afternoon last to conduct a sea search after a concerned member of the public out kayaking reported seeing an object floating in the sea off Baginbun beach. An extensive sea search of Baginbun Bay was carried out by Fethard RNLI lifeboat, with Rescue 117Continue reading “Sea search off Baginbun Bay”

Fishermen rescued in thick fog

By Dan Walsh Two fishermen were stranded in thick fog in a small open punt after their craft suffered outboard engine difficulties off Creaden Head in the Waterford Estuary last Saturday. Fethard RNLI was requested to launch by the Irish Coast Guard shortly before 12.30pm. The volunteer crew of Fethard RNLI launched their inshore lifeboatContinue reading “Fishermen rescued in thick fog”

Celebrations at Fethard RNLI

By Dan Walsh Fethard RNLI celebrated the 25th anniversary of the local lifeboat station with a search and rescue display, off Baginbun Beach, in the company of neighbours Dunmore East RNLI and Kilmore Quay RNLI, Fethard Coast Guard and Rescue helicopter 117. As the weather held off, a crowd gathered to observe lifeboat crews carryContinue reading “Celebrations at Fethard RNLI”