Three people rescued from Wexford Harbour

By Dan Walsh Three people were rescued by Wexford RNLI this morning (Wednesday) after their powerboat suffered engine failure in Wexford Harbour. The volunteer crew launched the inshore lifeboat at 10.12am and arrived at the scene to assess the situation at 10.17am. When on scene the crew spoke to the people who were all inContinue reading “Three people rescued from Wexford Harbour”

Fishermen rescued in Wexford Harbour

Three fishermen were rescued after their vessel suffered engine failure and drifted onto a sandbank close to the ‘bar’ in Wexford Harbour on Monday. After the vessel suffered engine failure the anchor snapped allowing the vessel to drift onto the sandbank. Wexford RNLI Lifeboat launched at 3.30pm on Monday and navigated through sandbanks on aContinue reading “Fishermen rescued in Wexford Harbour”

Air and sea search at Wexford Harbour

By Dan Walsh Wexford RNLI Lifeboat was launched at 7.42pm this evening after a few sources reported seeing a red flare in the skies above Wexford Harbour. An intensive search ensued with the Wexford RNLI crew supported by Rosslare Harbour RNLI and the Coast Guard helicopter Rescue 117. Nothing was sighted and the operation wasContinue reading “Air and sea search at Wexford Harbour”