Duncannon basking in the sunshine

By Dan Walsh

Duncannon has traditionally been a popular holiday spot and with today’s temperatures in the low 20s and more to follow into early next week, at least, the sandy resort by the Barrow Estuary is making the best of the times that are in it!

DUNCANNON BEACH this afternoon.

Overflowing numbers forced the closure of the beach car parking area this afternoon, and while motorists were compliant, there was no controversial congestion. It was a straightforward case of following the Covid-19 guidelines.

Duncannon is a tight spot for traffic at any time and blocked off areas facilitating the replacement of a footpath at the village junction isn’t helping, but traffic was moving today, and those who ventured to the top of the village, parked safely, and exercised an adventurous up-hill down-hill walk to the beach, had no worries.

Modern Duncannon is for the holidays. The older Duncannon is steeped in history. After the Battle of the Boyne in 1690, James II, embarked for France from Duncannon Fort. During the 1798 Rebellion it afforded asylum to many.

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